Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just a few updates.

Ok everyone here are a few updates. I went to the dr last week & had to wear a 24 hr heart monitor. Now december 17th we have to go back and talk about it. Ugh I really hope it picked up something. On the other hand I am still babysitting and I still have the most amazing wonderful boyfriend. We set a wedding date yay, I am so excited no ring yet. But our wedding date is December 7th,2013 you are prolly wondering why so far away we have our reason's and I am kinda glad. I won't have to be so rushed with everything. I already have a few small minor details in mind and have them written down. But anyways if your a football fan my team ( roll tide) is on a winning streak 10-0 they play auburn friday at 1:30 I hope they knock the socks off of them. And then today my bf text me this morning he got sick during the night so I have a sick fiance right now wow fiance. I never thought i'd have a fiance or last long in a relationship. December 19th will be two in a half years. Well tomorrow my brother and his family are coming in for thanksgiving man I can't believe another year as almost passed. I am so glad we decided to have our wedding four year's from now cuz time just seemes like it flys by so fast. I am not big on the holidays anymore not since my sister passed away in (04) near christmas. When I get sick it scares me. I had a virus last week and I never get sick like that. My oogyn level's are being crazy blah. But tonight I am going to take my oxogyn while I sleep. Well anyways I am goin to stop typing my hands are getting tired and I need to get off here and try and get some rest. Got to go exchange something at the mall tomorrow and then go to the dr. Well anyways please feel free to leave your comments and may God bless you.