Monday, September 21, 2009


A little about myself. Well first off I heard about blogger from a friend of mine, she said it was a great way to meet people who had health problems. So I am hoping to find some other people like myself who go through day today thing's. I never know when I am going to have a good or bad day which no one know's that. I have a heart problem and it sucks really bad. I don't work outside my house I do babysitte my niece's tho. I go to church, I have a boyfriend && I have a pretty good life. Altho when I get sick no one understands what I am talking about. I used to have people that understood what I was talking about but they have passed away and are in heaven now. One was my sister && the other was my best friend Lyndee. These two were always there no matter what and listened and I listened to them. But anyways please feel free to add me or whatever.

Thank's for reading and God bless.
I will probably be adding a lot of blog's to this.
Because I go through a lot of things.
But doesn't everybody lol.

It just seemes like i go through more && willing to meet people like me :]

Thank's again