Friday, September 25, 2009


well today and tonight was pretty good. all i did today was go to the dr come home watch mallory and got shelby and then they left. then stayed home and then crystal came and got me went to wal mart got doggy shampoo and then i went and hung out with my bf mandy :]. i can't wait till tomorrow bama kicks off at 2:30 and of course i am missin my boyfriend right now. i am starting to not feel too good, it feels like i am getting something ugh! and i am hoping my boyfriend's brother as my netbook running tomorrow well it's not broke he just put anti virus protection on it and trying to see why it's not connecting to the wireless routers. but idk cuz it hooked up at hooter the same weekend i got it. but anyways i am just wanting to put some pics on myspace and facebook i got on there. and i am so glad dr mayor said i was doing good yay! oh yeah i have finished reading new moon duh and now i am on eclips chapter two yay me :] i so can't wait for november 20th. or next weekend but we decided not to go to bayfest already seen both the people we were going to go see anyways. so friday night were going to a movie hopefully a scary one :] and saturday were going to go to buffalo wild wings & watch the bama game woo hoo. I hope they win tomorrow. anyways off to bed gotta long day ahead of me tomorrow. goodnight blogger, thank's for reading hope you'll add me and i'm hoping i find someone soon on here i can talk to about the same thing's i have. anyways good night off to bed. oh yeah i also have my stuff sent to my phone and i can post my blogs from my phone on here which is pretty spiffy.

anyways night and God bless.